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︎︎︎   Behind the Cloud Exhibition Essay, co-authored with Marissa Del Toro, The Latinx Project, February 2023

︎︎︎   Love Letter to Ana Mendieta, The Latinx Project, December 2022

︎︎︎   The Death of an Artist Podcast Failed Ana Mendieta, co-authored with Néstor David Pastor, Hyperallergic, December 2022

︎︎︎   Cayendo de árboles / Falling From Trees: Chaos in the Work of Cristina Tufiño, Precog Magazine, Volume 7, Print, Fall 2022

︎︎︎    Hong Hong and Darryl DeAngelo Terrell: In Collaboration with the Sun, NXTHVN Yearbook 03, Print, Summer 2022

︎︎︎    Anthropocentric Fossils: On Christine Egaña Navin’s Circling the Square, The Latinx Project, March 2022

︎︎︎    Werehyena, Creative Direction Kemal Yjlmaz, Sicky Magazine, March 2022

︎︎︎    Shellyne Rodriguez and Danielle De Jesus: Siempre en la calle [Review], The Latinx Project, December 2021

︎︎︎    Tiempo de Zafra on excess and things that could always be more, Precog Magazine, Issue 6, Print, Fall 2021

︎︎︎    [SPA] Soberanía visual indígena: por todas las memorias que aún han sido grabadas, con Lorena Cruz Santiago, Terremoto Magazine, Issue 21, Print, August 2021

︎︎︎    [ENG] Indigenous Visual Sovereignty: For All the Images Yet To Be Recorded, co-authored with Lorena Cruz Santiago, Terremoto Magazine, Issue 21, Print, August 2021

︎︎︎    Archival Irreverence, in Lizania Cruz: Gathering Evidence: Santo Domingo & New York City, exh. cat., published by CUE Art Foundation, Print, July 2021

︎︎︎    Perhaps a Fragment is All We Have: On Stephanie Acosta’s Good Day God Damn, The Latinx Project, July 2021

︎︎︎    [SPA] Artistas dominicanos manifiestan la liberación en el Centro León: Reseña, The Latinx Project, March 2021

︎︎︎    [ENG]  Dominican Artists Model Liberation at Centro León: Review, The Latinx Project, March 2021

︎︎︎    Symbiotically Aligned: Disease and Healing in Guadalupe Maravilla’s Performances, The Latinx Project, May 2020

︎︎︎    Phenomena of Dispersion in Teresa Margolles’ En el aire, Precog Magazine, Issue 5, Print, February 2020

︎︎︎    The Most Influential Latin American Artists of the 20th Century, Artsy, November 18, 2019

︎︎︎    Chronology in Teresa Burga, published by Alexander Gray Associates, Print, September 2019

︎︎︎    Interview with Ricardo Brey, Ricardo Brey: Doble Existencia / Double Existence, published by Alexander Gray Associates, Print, February 2019

︎︎︎    Introduction in Morir Soñando, exh. cat., August 2018, designed by Immanuel Yang 

︎︎︎    Artists as Laborers, Brooklyn Rail Critic’s Page, October 5, 2017

︎︎︎    Not in the Fast-Lane: Anthony Hernandez’s Photography, Eye-Level, Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2017